Mission and vision

The Silk Road Association in Romania is a private, non-political and non-profit organisation whose purpose is to continuously promote historical, social and economic values and encourage trade and transport development between the States located on the route of the Silk Road in order to revitalise in new dimensions and reaffirm the Old Silk Road as a fundamental connection between Asia and Europe.

These are some of the action we undertake to achieve our objectives.
Encourage and support the restoration of the cultural universal heritage represented by the Silk Road
Promote a common history, generated by the commercial link between Asia and Europe, existing since ancient times

Enhance and promote the economic and commercial relations, the exchanges between partners from countries of the Silk Road route, based on common interests and shared spiritual values

Enhance cooperation with authorities, associations and the public as well as partners from the private sector to promote a common strategy for the progress and prosperity of the region

Facilitate dialogue in various areas: science, culture, ethnic religious and social economic between partners form the countries located on the Silk Road. Defining and establishing a common integrated development strategy in conjunction with the European Union, particularly in relation to the Danube strategy and the Black Sea Neighbourhood Policy

Fostering entrepreneurial spirit, providing advice to partners willing to engage in commercial relations in the countries located along the Silk Road.

Promoting the transport route on the Silk Road and the projects for the opening of inter-modal transport lines, while promoting the Danube as a main transit artery for cargo coming or going to Central Europe.


If you would like to know more about our work, contact us at office@silkroad.ro

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