Constanta Port on the Silk Road

The round table event “Constanta Port on the Silk Road” took place on the 5th of April at the  NC “Maritime Ports Administration” SA headquarters in Constanta. The event was organized for the first time through the collaboration of the National Company “Maritime Ports Administration SA Constanta", the “Constanta Port Business Association” and “The Silk Road Association".

Over 80 delegates participated in the event, diplomatic representatives from countries along the Silk Road – Georgia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, China alongside officials from the Ministry of Transport, Ministry of Foreign Affairs as well as representatives from private companies interested in developing new business along this route.

The event was chaired by Nicolae Dan Tivilichi, general director of the NC Maritime Ports Administration, who, in his opening remarks highlighted the fact that the port of Constanta had taken significant steps to better the collaboration along this transport corridor, by signing partnership protocols with the port of Qingdao from China, the ports of Batumi and Poti from Georgia, the port of Aktau from Kazakhstan as well as the State Service of Naval Transport from Turkmenistan. The main objective of these protocols are to facilitate the identification of bottlenecks and create cooperation processes which would ultimately provide optimal solutions for all parties involved in intermodal transport on the Asia-Europe corridor.

Metin Apti, president of the Silk Road Association, expressed his view on the new Silk Road outlining the reality of this vast project and how it has spread on different continents while it is understood differently by everyone involved. Mr Apti also expressed his concern that at a political level the concept of developing the OBOR route is amply discussed but rarely materialized in the form of actual projects or infrastructure investments. Thus this event came as a clear proposal for the partners along the old Silk Road to highlight the potential of the port of Constanta and the Danube River has to develop trade and help stimulate growth both at home and abroad. Mrs. Andreea Nistor, vice president of the Silk Road Association held a short presentation about our association and the projects we are currently involved with as well as reaffirming our constant commitment to better trade relations and advocate for infrastructure investments and an overall better inter-connectivity between countries along the old Silk Road trade route. Mrs. Nistor also highlighted the fact that the Port of Constanta and the Danube River can play a very important role in the One Belt One Road development initiative.

Diplomatic representatives from several countries along the Silk Road presented infrastructure development plans for their respective countries and shared their enthusiasm about investing and developing this transport corridor. Some even touched on the subject of investments in the port of Constanta and turning the port into a transport hub for the OBOR project on the Silk Road and a logistic hub in the Black Sea Basin. Chinese representatives also called upon a closer cooperation with the Romanian government offering up 4 key talking points:


The event “Constanta Port on the Silk Road” brought together state authorities, port authorities, private companies as well as representatives of foreign countries in order to facilitate the optimal development of the Asia – Europe transport corridor, where the Port of Constanta has the potential to play a bigger role on the route of New Silk Road.

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